~ Update from Jim Yates ~

Welcome to the 2024 version of the official corbyyates.com website! 

Along with the site’s new title, its primary mission has also changed. I'm happy to say Davey Beck, our original website designer, is back on board with me for this project. Please check back regularly. New content will be added randomly, just as soon as it’s ready!

Our plan is to create a sort of official central repository for all things related to Corby’s life and times, including released and unreleased music recordings, Youtube links, published articles, photos, memorabilia, musings, stories and whatever else emerges as time unfolds.

Corby was deeply loved and will be forever missed by so many. Yet, even though we lost his physical form many years ago, our collective memories of him, his band and his music still live on - inside each person whose heart he indelibly touched and so beautifully moved - simply by directly experiencing the raw power and energy emanating from him during any of the many hundreds of mind blowing live musical performances over the years. Psychoactive blues rock extraordinaire!

As Corby’s dad, co-songwriter and bass player, I’ve long felt doing this project would be the best way I could say ‘thanks for the wonderful ride’ and give something meaningful back to his fans, as well as other guitar, blues and rock music lovers around the world. I just wasn’t emotionally ready - until now. Hopefully, this’ll just be the humble beginnings. 

OK, enough of my blah, blah. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit! While you're here, take just a minute and bookmark the website, join our mailing list, leave a comment if you care to share one and please help us spread the word.  Lots more cool stuff coming!

PS: Scroll further down the page and check out the latest video release

Peace and love, 


           ~ The Music Player ~
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The first song is Corby's cover of "Makin' My Wave" by Frank Marino. It was released on his 2012 "Inside Oblivion" album. This was the last song he uploaded to this web page for us to hear. Amazingly appropriate lyrics. Be generous with the dB’s when listening to this track!

The other songs Corby left on the site player will also play automatically in the following order, unless you click on the box and player stop button.

- An acoustic slide version of "Dallas" by Johnny Winter from the 2003 "Back From Yesterday" album.

- A live version of "Fungus Blues" by Corby from his 2006 "Fungus Blues" album.

- A rough mix of a tribute song to Jimi Hendrix written by Clas Yngstrom of "Sky High".  Corby added this tune on his last visit. 

                     ~ LATEST video UPLOAD ~